Karelia, Russia
Finland, Baltic countries

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Natalia Alufyorova
Director of the travel company “Around.ru”

In order to manage tourism, such a dynamic and swiftly developing branch, one should have a positive and energetic character, should love nature and travelling, and should be a fan of the active way of life. The team
of “Around.ru” is the group of like-minded people who have been promoting an active and cultural leisure,
a healthy way of life, love for the homeland and the improvement of the living standard since 2002.

Introducing Karelia to you and inviting you to taste the delicious traditional Karelian pies, kalitky, we learned
to make them following the old recipes. This process united and inspired us for realizing new creative projects. When offering our clients the diversity in tourism, we do our best to be on a leading edge and participate ourselves in all the projects and the travel programmes. Welcome to enjoy the hospitality of our team and our Republic!

The managers of “Around.ru” know how to relax not only while reflecting in nature, but also in walking tours,
in teambuilding trainings and in corporate programmes. We can design our leisure activities on a large scale
by organizing music and dancing festivals for ourselves, for fellow-countrymen and for the guests visiting Karelia.

The first music festival organized by the travel company “Around.ru” in Petrozavodsk in 2008 was very successful. It featured the jazz concert on the stage of the National Theatre of the Republic of Karelia and the jam-session at one of the hotels in the suburbs of Petrozavodsk. Such world stars as the Russian pianist Andrey Kondakov and the American vocalist JD Walter performed at these events. And small wonder that all the tickets were sold out a long time before the events. This festival was noted both by the public and the media.

The achievements of our friendly team were awarded by different diplomas, letters of gratitude and certificates presented by the partners,
the local authorities and the individual customers. We are proud of such trophies, because we value the high quality in work, and we are glad that our partners appreciate it as well.


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