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Finland, Baltic countries

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The dance group “Senior dans”

Petrozavodsk, the Republic of Karelia


The dance group “Senior dans” has been existing for several years and belongs to the social and cultural centre “Soglasiye”. The head and the art director of the group is Vera Zhuykova. The dance group “Senior dans” has participated at different events in Petrozavodsk. In May 2012 it visited the Finnish town of Kuopio and showed its dancing programme to the Finnish colleagues. In October 2012 it opened the international music festival “Kalevala Fest” by its performance. The members of the dance group have been having an active way of life and will participate in the festival #KalevalaMusicWheel (ex. “Kalevala Fest”) again. The country of Norway and the dance groups working in the style of “Senior dans” evoke a special interest of the group “Senior dance” in Petrozavodsk.


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