Karelia, Russia
Finland, Baltic countries

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The Russian children group of the folklore music “Sarastus”

of the “Specialized school of arts” of the Republic of Karelia

Petrozavodsk, the Republic of Karelia


The members of “Sarastus” belong to the music department of the school. Some children moved to Petrozavodsk from the other regions of Karelia to especially continue their high school education in the “Specialized school of arts” in Petrozavodsk.


Each performance of the music group is a fest, joy, and it is plenty of positive energy presented to the public.


The “Sarastus” repertoire has traditional Russian, Karelian and Finnish songs in original modern arrangements adapted and stylized up to the capabilities and the skills of the children.


The dance elements in the programme perfectly make the performance more interesting and more spectacular. The solo pieces allow to perform the concert programme in different genres and styles.


The music group has been having an active concert life participating in the events of the school and in the events of the city of Petrozavodsk. This year “Sarastus” will be among the participants of the big #KalevalaMusicWheel festival concert programme.


The leaders of “Sarastus” – Irina Ermolayeva and Igor Maymistov. The choreographer – Tatyana Olshannikova. 


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