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The folklore ensemble “Rosynka”

Petrozavodsk, the Republic of Karelia


The folklore ensemble “Rosynka” is a musical group of a few women. The name of “Rosynka” reflects the basic feature of the group – performing and reviving the authentic folklore of the Russian north, the folklore of Vepses, Karelians, Russians, Finns and Ingermanland people.

Some of the songs are very old and sounded on the Karelian land many centuries ago. They let listeners to come back to their history and their roots. “Rosynka” sticks to the northern singing tradition which requires a skillful singing technique and strong voices.

“Rosynka” has existed since 1993. It has participated in a lot of concerts and scientific conferences both in Karelia and abroad. The members of the ensemble gave lessons of a traditional folk singing at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki.

The folklore ensemble “Rosynka” participated in festivals in Russia, Finland, Norway, Poland and Latvia. It is the winner of some vocal contests of the Republic of Karelia.

The ensemble is actively looking for the new forms of the existence of the traditional folklore in modern conditions.


“Rosynka” is a participant of the international projects:

- the international programme "Moya po tvoya” (“you and we are together”) with the Norwegian group “Boknakaran” and the performer of the traditional Sami music Ande Somby;

- the Russian-German project - the performance "Mozart’s burial" based on the tragedy “Mozart and Salieri” by Pushkin;

- “Folk Barents theater.”




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