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At the Moment Jazz”

Petrozavodsk, the Republic of Karelia


Vladimir Neverov (drums) – a professional musician, one of the best in Petrozavodsk, a teacher and an accompanist at the Music College of K.E.Rautio. He played with a lot of well known Russian and foreign jazz musicians.

Pavel Poluzanov (guitar) – a professional musician; a winner of different jazz music contests and festivals; a teacher at the Music College of K.E.Rautio. In December 2013 he got the title of the winner of the IX International competition of young jazz performers in Rostov-on-Don; the prize-winner of the State Award of Igor Butman.

Igor Levchenko (double-bass) – a professional musician; in 2013 graduated from the Petrozavodsk state conservatoire of A.K. Glazunov; he played in such music bands as CMP Big Band, Three Tones, The Untitled и some others.

Kristina Semyonova (vocal) – a young vocalist, a student of the Music College of K.E.Rautio.

Kristina participated in Russian and international music contests and took the first prize at “Riga symphony” in Riga (Latvia), the first prize at “Zvyozdochka” (“A Little Star”) in Odessa (Ukraine), the first prize at the contest of Nina Rautio in Petrozavodsk (Karelia, Russia) and the first prize at “Dva Kota” (“Two Cats”)  in Moscow (Russia).




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