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The “Savipeto” quartet


Kuopio, Finland




Sara Wilén – vocal.

Sara Wilén is a first year student in the “Savonia University of Applied Sciences”. She is going to be a singing teacher. She has always loved to sing. Sara started to sing when she was about three years old, but started to study singing when she was 16 years old in the Porvoo music institute. She graduated from the Kajaani conservatory in 2013 as a musician. She likes to sing all kinds of music, but she really loves soul, r&b and funk. Sara also likes to sing backing vocals. She has sung backing vocals to Marjo Leinonen, Nina Tapio, Antti Matikainen, Sanni Orasmaa. She enjoys singing in a band. In the future she would like to do gigs as much as she can and also  wants to teach.


Viktor Lepistö – guitar.

Viktor Lepistö is studying the first year in the “Savonia University of Applied Sciences”. His main instrument is the guitar, but he has played drums also. Before Savonia UAS he studied music in the Kuopio conservatory and graduated in 2014. He tries to be open for different music styles, but his favorite music styles are blues, jazz, fusion, funk and progressive music. He has always liked playing in different bands with other musicians. Viktor also has a couple of years experience about teaching and that has been very educational for him. He will be very happy, if he could have gigs and time to practice in the future.

Tony Lehto – bass.

Tony Lehto is a musician and a teacher. He plays the electric bass guitar and upright bass. Tony has played many kinds of rhythm music as a professional in dozens of bands for the last ten years.

Petteri Kuivala – drums.

Petteri is currently finishing up his first year in the “Savonia University of Applied Sciences”. His education in music:
- Madetoja Upper Secondary School of Music – graduated 2010;
- Pop&Jazz Conservatory Lappia, Tornio, Professional Musician – graduated 2014;
- Savonia UAS, Music pedagogue, Bachelor in Music – graduating in 2018;
- several workshops from the leading musicians in Finland such as Jaksa Lukkarinen, Tuomo Prättälä, Zarkus Poussa, Leevi Leppänen, Jarmo Saari, Sami Kuoppamäki, Erja Lyytinen, Hans Olding, Mikko Kaakkurinniemi, Abdissa Assefa and many more;
- currently taking drum lessons from Mika Kallio; his former drum teachers include Jaakko Tabell and Tuomo Jakku;

Petteri’s experience as a working musician:
- nine years of active gigging experience around Finland, approx. 1000 gigs in varying bands. - -


Drummer of (past and present):
- Veracious Mind (Hard Rock/ Nu Metal) for 4 years
- Lempeät Sävyt (Wedding band) for 2 years
- Larry Peninsula Band (Country/ Pop) for 3 years
- Melulintu (Pop) for 2 years
- Ryysyranta (Hip-hop/ RnB) for 2 years
- New Deal (Modern Jazz) for 2 years and running
- Kairos (Gospel) for 2 years and running
- Ria & Remington (Wedding band) for 3 years and running
- Rokkipoliisi (Wedding band) for 4 years and running

Shorter projects including: The Meänland (Reggae), The Beatles Sextet (Beatles covers), Roni Helminen Quintet (Jazz), Piia & Palikat (Children’s music) and several school projects including music by Steely Dan, Jeff Beck, Chic Corea, James Brown, Porcupine Tree, The Cinematic Orchestra etc. Also involved in every annual production musical held in Pop&Jazz Conservatory Lappia for 3 years: Made In Sweden (Swedish Pop), Ranskalaiset Korot (Trad. Finnish pseudojazz) and Girl Power (Music of the most famous girl groups). Total audience count per production was 1600.



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